Stadion Shopping Center

Stadion Shopping Center is pretty much as any other shopping mall, but only if we exclude a football stadium at its top.

Stadion (meaning Stadium) Shopping Center derives its name from the football stadium, which replaces the roof. Located at Vozdovac, it is easily approached from the highway that passes through Belgrade.

The main advantage of the Stadion Shopping Center over New Belgrade ones is that it’s less crowded. Here, you can find various well-known garment, footwear, accessories and sport equipment brands, such as Legend, Office Shoes, Carpisa, Sport Vision, and more. As most shopping centers, Stadion features popular eateries and a coffee bar, where you can have a hot drink, especially good cocktails and other popular beverages when taking a break.

The entertaining section has its advantages, too. In the shopping center’s premises you can find a cinema, slot club and children playing areas. The above-mentioned stadium, besides football games, organizes various concerts, parties, weddings, and such. From the top, you can enjoy great panoramic views over Belgrade and nearby St. Sava Temple.

Diverse entertaining and advertising events also take place in the Stadion Shopping Center from time to time.

Photos from Stadion Shopping Center