St Stephen’s Cathedral

St Stephen’s Cathedral sits in the heart of the city and is considered the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna. Built originally in the 11th century, destroyed by a fire and reconstructed in the 14th century this grand place of worship is worth a visit to admire the Romanesque and Gothic architecture alone.


The church was originally built to meet the pressing needs for a new place of worship thanks to Vienna’s growing population. Today the church boasts a total of 18 alters, 22 bells and a 500-foot tower on the south side which boasts panoramic views of the city. There’s also an impressive treasury home to some of the cities oldest artefacts and manuscripts.

The Roof

St Stephen’s most impressive feature has to be its multi-coloured tiled roof. Around 230,000 glazed coloured tiles don the church’s roof, and a black double-headed eagle can be seen on the very top which represents the cities imperial and royal coat of arms. Cleaning the tiles has proved difficult over the years due to the steepness of the roof and, as such, it’s been left to the rain to wash away any dirt.