St. Michael’s Mount

This magical, castle-topped island in Mount's Bay shrinks and expands with the daily tides.

An Island of Myths and Legends

St. Michael’s Mount is a tiny island floating in Mount’s Bay. Apparitions of St. Michael, patron saint of fishermen, and reports of miracles brought religious pilgrims here for centuries. Today only a small community lives there, but tourists still come to visit the picturesque castle that looms above it all.

Adventures by the Sea

At low tide, visitors can walk to the island on foot. But during high tide, the causeway disappears, and they must take one of many boats instead. It’s more difficult to visit St. Michael’s Mount in the winter, as the weather can be unpredictable.

St. Michael’s Mount has a long history for tourists to explore. What was once a priory at the top of the hill eventually became an elaborate castle, where visitors can now learn about the St. Aubyn family, who have lived there since the 17th century. Visitors may also want to view the island’s unusual plant life, or grab a bite to eat at the Island Cafe.

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