St Abba Druche Beach

Situated a short drive / medium length cycle ride, this beach is a hidden gem seemingly only known by the locals. There is no signage, just a small area for parking cars as you travel north out of Bosa.

St Abba Druche Public Beach, Bosa, Sardinia

There are actually two beaches under the same name. The one just before this has a camp site and night time party beach. It has a more commercial entrance. This one is spotted only by the diagonal car parking bays and small and under the ‘P’ sign.

We could not work out the true name for this beach, so call it what you like. However it does seem to have something for everyone. There are gentle waves good enough for beginner body surfing, there is sand to lay on interspersed with rocks to climb on, rock pools for the younger ones to explore.

Like many of the beaches other than Bosa Marina, there are no facilities and no life guard so you are responsible for your own safety.

Behind the sea, looking inland are the typical views of Sardinian rugged mountains allowing you to really feel and enjoy that sense of escape.

A thoroughly lovely beach just north of Bosa town, a great escape for all ages.

St Aba Druche Public Beach, Bosa, Sardinia

St Aba Druche Public Beach, Bosa, Sardinia

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