St Abba Druche Commercial Beach and Campsite

Commercially run beach with campsite, bar, evening entertainment, sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters.

St Abba Druche Beach and Campsite, Bosa, Sardinia

As you travel north from Bosa either by car or cycle, the first of the beaches you will find is St Abba Druche. You can’t miss it with the flags and entrance sign next to the road.

This is a commercially run beach so as you enter you will be met by staff asking for an entrance fee. For us (2015) it was €7 for the family in a car.

As you drive along the private road you eventually find some very welcome covered car parking. This is in rows and is apparently set up for 400 cars, however if didn’t seem that big and the cars were few and far between, despite it being peak season in early August. The car park is just a few steps away from either of two beaches.

The two beaches are lovely soft sand with rock peninsulas either side providing shade to calm any potential waves (although the Mediterranean Sea does seem very calm this side of the island).

The sea starts off shallow enough for kids to play but then drops away fairly quickly (over 10 metres or so) such that adults can swim comfortably.

Between the two beaches is a restaurant with large seating areas. Friendly staff serve from the bar, or there are ice creams or sandwiches. In the evenings the restaurant opens for pizzas and other Italian foods. In the evenings there is a disco for campers and hardier beach lovers.

Due to the campsite, short walk from sheltered parking and pub/restaurant, this beach is busier than the beaches further north. Bosa Marina remains the busiest beach due to its size and proximity to the town. There are also beaches a short drive further north.

Photos from St Abba Druche Commercial Beach and Campsite

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