La Clef des Marques

Everyone splurges at La Clef des Marques, a spacious store that houses thousands of products from dozens of designer labels. Yes, that’s right. We did say, splurge but it’s quite unlikely that your wallet will have a meltdown here.

Versatile range

Established in 1967, the store boasts a range of designer wear for men, women and kids, too. Besides attire, the store also retails perfumes, accessories, handbags and a versatile range of sportswear including ski-wear. For the homemaker, there is a modest segment devoted to luxury lifestyle brands.

Unbeatable offers

But, that’s not what makes La Clef des Marques a go-to place. It’s the fact that the items are usually on sale from 50% to sometimes, even 90% off for kids wear, all the year long. Labels include prestigious names like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein as well as sportswear giants like Nike.

The luxury designer discount store sees heavy traffic and there’s a lot to choose from. You might want to set apart at least a couple of hours to browse to your heart’s content.

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