Oxford, England

Blackwell Bookshop

Blackwell Bookshop is most people’s idea of book heaven – great atmosphere and books on nearly every topic under the sun. The best, however, is their Norrington Room with 160000 books on over 3 miles of shelves in an enormous 10,000 sq. ft. of space. Now that’s sheer pleasure for bibliophiles.

From Oxford to the globe

This iconic bookstore was founded in 1879 by Benjamin Henry Blackwell, son of the city’s first librarian. Then, the store was a cramped little space. A series of astute business decisions and sheer perseverance led to this humble store growing to what it is today. It also serves as a flagship store to a growing network of hugely successful Blackwell UK book retailers across UK and the world.

Antiquarian to bestsellers

Blackwell’s is easy to spot, thanks to its distinctly quaint, yet unassuming blue frontage. However, take a step inside and you know there is nothing modest about this store or its huge collection of books. Rare books, antiquarian books, hot bestsellers, maps, guides, textbooks, books in Latin, secondhand books – you can find them all here.

A visit to Oxford mandates a visit to Blackwell’s too. After all, it’s not every day that you get to walk into a bookshop that has launched the careers of literary giants like JRR Tolkien.