Oxford, England

University of Oxford Botanic Gardens

Welcome to the spectacular herbaceous kingdom at the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens. This beautifully diverse garden features a fabulous range of trees and plants - cacti, ferns, water lilies, palms, olives and the insect-gobbling Venus Flytrap, all in the same premises. It’s like a UN Convention but of plants from all over the world!

400 years of learning from plants

The Botanic Gardens were founded in 1621 when Henry Danvers, an earl, donated a large sum of money towards building a medicinal garden. Over the centuries, several dedicated curators built it up into a world-renowned habitat. The Botanic Gardens grow several rare species and have garnered many distinctions to their name besides being the oldest of its kind in Britain.

Exploring the gardens

The gardens are a place of fun, recreation and learning for all ages. Families with little children can have fun with the Winter Wonder Trail or the Look-and-Find Trail. Alternatively, you can avail of Botanic Backpacks for free. Or you can just go on your own journey of discovery – through the Walled Gardens, Palm House, Lily pond, Rock Garden, Bog Garden, Rose Garden, Arid House and much more.

This is truly a place from where you might never want to leave.

Stay at home!

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