Cape Town

South African Museum

The celebrated South African Museum is one of the oldest museums in Africa and is home to over 1.5 million exhibits that map life in the continent over the ages.

Fossils to Textiles

Established in 1825 by Lord Charles Somerset, the South African Museum also known as the National Museum has dedicated its existence to the collection of exhibits of scientific value. These range from fossils that are millions of years old to stone tools carved by early man, thousands of years ago.

Dinosaurs, Whales and Dioramas

There are many exhibits of great interest within the museum. The notable ones include

  • Whale Well which features several whale casts and skeletons including that of a Blue Whale which measures 20.5 meters.
  • Boonstra Dioramas featuring ancient reptiles and fossil mammals
  • Wonders of nature that include fossilized ammonites, quartz crystals, a turtle carapace and more
  • Virtual Earth, an interactive digital theatre which allows visitors to view the earth from different perspectives with just a touch!

Top Tips:

  • Children under 5 enter for free.