Source of River Nile – Jinja

The source of the mighty Nile river at Jinja, Uganda, is one of those places you simply have to visit for the sheer exclusivity of the place and its geographical significance like the Uganda Equator.

At Lake Victoria

The over 6000-km long Nile river begins at Lake Victoria, one of the African Great Lakes and the world’s largest tropical lake. It is from this lake that the Victoria Nile leaves the calm confines of the lake to become a river at Jinja, a bustling little town in Uganda. The lake and the source of the Nile were discovered by John Hanning Speke in 1858 who hiked downstream to find its source.

At Jinja

The actual source of the Nile, however, can only be reached by boat. The boat takes you all the way up to the erstwhile Bujagali Falls where the Nile leaves the lake. The falls have been submerged now because of the Bujagali Dam. However, a small plaque in the middle of the waters announces the point where the Nile originates.

Fun and adventure along the Nile  

Visitors to the source of river Nile can engage in several exciting activities while here: Nile horseback safari, all-terrain adventures, white-water rafting, bungee jumping at Adrift Nile High Camp and sports fishing. If that’s not your cup of tea, make up a picnic along the scenic riverside while you enjoy the cool, refreshing breeze of the Nile.