Snowshill Manor and Garden

Snowshill Manor is a countryside manor house that boasts Charles Wade’s extraordinary collection of curiosities from around the world including model boats and samurai armour.

Themed Rooms and Curiosities

Charles Wade was a passionate collector and an avid architect who combined his skills to create a fantastic museum of sorts that is set out in themed rooms. The Hundred Wheels Room has a bicycles and a boat hanging from the ceiling.

There is a circular walk route in Snowshill Manor where visitors can see some archaeological structures such as a Victorian hydraulic system, breath-taking views of the whole Snowshill Manor, and ancient Woodland with rich plants.

Other than that, they have fascinating elements such as trains to knight’s armour and model houses. There is also a dressing room, where it is filled with vintage clothing for visitors to try on. Beyond the manor, there is a room called The Orderly Room, where you can learn the history of the Manor.

Spectacular Gardens

Spread over two acres, the Snowshill Manor’s gardens are remarkable with its lawns and water features that often undergo seasonal changes. The highlights here include the 24-hour Garden Clock as well as the Wolf’s Cove, a model village. This ambitious project is still in progress but already boasts a quay and a miniature pub with work still going on for a working railway and more.

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