Snail’s Pace Cafe and Bike Hire

Off the beaten path, Snail's Pace Cafe and Bike Hire is in a wooded location on the Camel Trail, where they serve fresh, natural foods daily.

A Woodland Treasure

The Snail’s Pace Cafe and Bike Hire is hidden away in wooded Camel Valley, right along a popular bike trail. The owners built the place inside a repurposed shipping container, and later built a window-filled extension so diners could take in the natural scenery. There’s also outdoor seating for those who simply want to hop off their bikes and grab a bite to eat.

A Menu as Natural as the Location

Snail’s Pace is known for its delicious breakfasts, but they offer lunch and dinner, too–not to mention cakes and other baked goods. Their menu changes with the seasons, and they feature local cheeses and produce. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Dogs are more than welcome at Snail’s Pace. The restaurant also rents bikes to those who want to ride the Camel Trail. Snail’s Pace draws inspiration from and is dedicated to its natural, outdoor location.

Stay at home!

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