Skylight Books

Shop Skylight Books for a quintessential old-time Los Angeles experience in the heart of the new LA, near some of the top museums and cafes in the city.

Skylight Books is one of the last independent bookstores in California and it’s still one of the best. Through the digital age of e-books and online reading, it seems like one bookstore after the other is closing down. But, Skylight Books remains, bringing locals as well as tourists into its doors for repeat visits to scour shelves for rare books and new best-sellers.

Small Store with Huge Reputation

Skylight Books is a bookstore with a small-town vibe, which can be comforting in a city as big as Los Angeles. It’s a homey place that even has a resident store cat, but it’s a shop that has a solid reputation with big-hitters like Bret Easton Ellis, Chelsea Handler, and George Saunders, among others. Shop at Skylight Books, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, for literary fiction, books about art, theater and film books, regional culture and history books, graphic literature, political theory, children’s books, and more.