Skydiving with Skydive

Skydive Dubai - one of the leading skydiving company in the Emirates - offers visitors, skydivers and skydiving aficionados alike the opportunity to soar high above the incredible sights of Dubai.

Skydive Dubai encourages thrill-seekers to try their hand at skydiving above Dubai. The dive involves a one-minute-long free-fall at speeds of 120 mph, followed by a more ‘relaxed’ 4-5 minutes of ‘canopy flight’, allowing divers to take in the magnificent sights below.

Skydiving Options

Skydive Dubai offers two diving options. The first is a beginners dive (‘Tandem Jump’); a 13,000 ft. fall over the breathtakingly beautiful Palm Jumeirah, whilst always safely attached by a harness to an expert instructor. A professional cameraman follows the entire journey, aiming to record every minute of the experience.

The second is a more advanced ‘Accelerated Free Fall’, over the golden sand dunes of ‘The Desert Campus’, approximately 35 km from the city. This venue hosts the Skydive Flight School for those wishing to enrol in a skydiving training programme and eventually learn to dive independently.


Note that restrictions apply:
– Age: 18 – 60 (a medical statement is needed).
– Weight: Maximum of 90kg, 27.5 BMI (Women) / 100kg, 30.0 BMI (Men)