Ski Dubai, Dubai’s Indoor Snow Park

Ski Dubai is an incredible winter wonderland nestled within the heart of the desert climate of Dubai. It is the Middle East’s first indoor ski slope and now ranks as the third largest covered ski park in the world.

Having opened in 2005 at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, and measuring 22,500 square feet and covered with real snow, Ski Dubai offers a variety of exciting activities for visitors of all ability-levels, and at all times of the year.

Activities at Ski Dubai

The incredible 5 runs of the Ski Slope is available for skiers and snowboarders with varying degrees of ability, with the most daring visitors heading to the black-diamond slope. Those wishing to learn or further improve their ability-levels, can enrol in lessons at the Ski School.

Penguin-lovers can visit the colony of King and Gentoo snow penguins to meet some penguins, watch one of their daily shows (‘March of the Penguins’), and even swim with them.

Adrenaline junkies can try their hand at the 16 metre-high, 150 metre-long Snow Bullet, the first indoor, sub-zero zip-line in the world.

Visitors may also wish to relax over a hot cup of chocolate at the cosy Avalanche Café, nestled inside the park.