Oxford, England

Covered Market

Bakers and butchers, milkshakes and pies, flowers and fishes, cheeses and shoes, crafts and souvenirs, the Covered Market at Oxford has it all! Situated in the heart of the city, the Market is a charming mix of warm cafes, grocers and everything in between.

From the 18th century

The Covered Market was opened on 1st November 1774 as a citizens’ move to clear the messy stalls that littered the main streets of Oxford. John Gwynn designed the covered market with provisions to accommodate 20 butcher stalls. Over the centuries, the Market has grown to become the delightful destination that it is today.

Flowers to pies

The Market is home to Pieminister, makers of award-winning pies as well the flagship store for Ben’s Cookies, known for their handmade cookies. While you’re there, try out Moo Moos, a kiosk favored for its inventive milkshakes. There are plenty of other quaint little shops and eateries that offer a surprising variety of products and foods.

The Covered Market is a must-visit destination. It has something for everyone – shopaholics, foodies, souvenir hunters or just tourists.

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