Oxford, England

Cornmarket Street

Fast-food chains, high-end boutiques, multi-national banks, snack bars, historic monuments – you’ll find them all on this beloved Oxford street. What makes this road a favorite haunt of students and visitors is that it is a pedestrian precinct - a British term for areas that are earmarked only for walking.

Shopping galore

Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the number of outlets on this street. You can shop for men’s clothing at Austin Reed (No. 38) or Moss (No. 61), beauty products at L’Occitane (No. 48) and Lush (No. 51) or browse through books at WH Smith (No. 22). You can also walk into Clarendon Centre, a shopping mall that’s perfect for window shopping.

Food and drinks

Cornmarket Street offers a wide variety of dining experiences, from ready-to-go meals at Pret-a-Manger  (No. 26 – 27), the world’s favorite fried chicken at KFC (No. 35), succulent burgers at Burger King (No. 26), hand-made pizzas at Pizza Express (No. 8) or the ubiquitous fast-food fare from McDonald’s at No. 57. You can enjoy ‘UK’s best coffee’ at AMT Coffee in the St. Michael’s grounds or take your pick from Starbucks (No. 6 – 7). If you crave something eastern, head to Itsu (No. 36) for sushi and noodles.

You can also squeeze in some history with a visit to St. Michael’s at the North Gate, a church dating from the Saxon times. At the end of the road is the Carfax Tower, a church tower from the 12th century. During weekends, you can watch some incredibly talented street artists who turn the street festive with their lively performances.

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