Oxford, England

Oxfam Shop, Broad Street

The Oxfam Store is packed with an astonishingly diverse array of donated items and new goods. Pre-loved contributions include clothes, accessories, CDs, books, stamps, homeware and the odd antique treasure. Their new products include fair-trade goods, gifts and greeting cards.

Pioneering idea

Of the many gifts that the city of Oxford has blessed the world with, Oxfam is perhaps the most significant.  Oxfam is a charity founded here in 1942 to provide famine relief. Today, the charity has embraced several global causes and strives to make the world a better place. One of their fund-raising initiatives is the setting up of thrift stores which have been hugely successful world over.

The very first Oxfam Store

Oxfam set up their very first Oxfam Shop on Broad Street in Oxford. This pioneering thrift store was founded in 1947 by Cecil Jackson-Cole. It was managed by Joe Mitty who propagated the revolutionary idea of getting people to donate their unused goods and selling them to raise funds for the charitable projects of Oxfam.

Do take the time to visit the Oxfam store. You will not only find something that speaks to your heart but walk away knowing that your purchase is going to help make life better for someone elsewhere in the world.