Shojin Vegan Sushi

Shojin offers gourmet vegan sushi that rivals any traditional sushi. Patrons of this Los Angeles restaurant don’t miss the fish. They just focus on the flavor.

Shojin sits in a mini mall in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in Little Tokyo, which is an area known for its sushi bars and Asian restaurants. Los Angeles restaurants and visitors flock to Shojin to experience warm hospitality and amazing food. Sushi is prepared with organic rice, wheat-based faux meats, tofu, tempeh, and a range of delicious vegetables and grain substitutions like quinoa. The sauces on some of the sushi dishes absolutely make the meal, like the vegan mayo that’s drizzle all over the top of Shojin’s Dynamite Roll.

Delicious Japanese Food and Warm Hospitality

Along with house-favorite sushi rolls, which include traditional and creative rolls, Shojin offers Japanese specialties like plant-based tempura, fried shishito pepper and seaweed salad, savory ramen, and comforting miso soup. As diners sit down to a meal at Shojin, a host offers baskets to store handbags and personal belongs underneath seats and warm towels are offered to clean hands before eating.

Eating at Shojin is perfect before, or after, visiting the Griffith Observatory or the Hollywood Walk of Fame.