Shish Shawerma

Shawerma is best described as Arabic fast-food and Shish Shawerma takes it up a notch with its versatile fillings, open-kitchen and speed of service.

The Shawarma

The Shawarma is a classic Arabic dish which essentially comprises meat shavings from a deeply-flavored block of slow-grilled meat. The meat is served encased in a wrap with a variety of finely-chopped and/or pickled vegetables and toppings.

Food on the go

Shish Shawerma offers a wide range of wraps and sandwiches with a variety of Shawarma fillings and toppings. You get to see most of the process, from baking of the bread known as Kaakeh, to the cutting, slicing, dicing, mixing, wrapping and the finishing touch with a final bake in the oven.   Naturally, like all fast food destinations, Shish Shawerma offers asides like crepes, chicken nuggets, salads, fruit juices and milkshakes too.

This is comfort food at its best and yet, wholesome food wrapped in a freshly baked Kaakeh.