Shimoda is a popular destination famed for the sheer natural beauty of its mountains, pristine beaches, hot springs as well as for water sports.

From sea port to tourist destination

Shimoda has traditionally been a modest sea port for several centuries but was catapulted to fame in the latter part of the 19th century when Commodore Perry of the US Navy landed here ending centuries’ long isolation of Japan from the western world.

Today, it is no longer a port city but draws thousands of visitors annually for its many cultural and natural attractions.

Beaches, hot springs and more

Shimoda is famed for its onsen (hot spring) resorts – many hotels here have their very own facilities in-house. The white sands of Shirahama and the rolling waves (great for surfing) are another reason visitors flock to Shimoda. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the bay and shoreline via the cable car that connects to Mount Nesugata. The Shimoda Park and the Shimoda Aquarium, next door, are equally famous.

Shimoda is ideally discovered on foot but the city also offers cruises for those who prefer the allure of the azure blue waters.