Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most happening places in terms of shopping, dining and is a hugely popular hang-out for fashionable youth and teens.

From castle to commercial centre

Shibuya was the site of a castle until the Edo period after which the area began to develop as a commercial centre. This bustling district has been credited as the birthplace of stylish trends, thanks to the many boutiques and fashion stores here. Notable shopping streets here are Center Gai , Koen Dori and the Spain Slope. Prominent shopping destinations include Shibuya 109, Mark City, Tokyu Hands, Parco, Seibu and Loft among others.

Shibuya Crossing

An unlikely tourist attraction is the famed Shibuya crossing, a large intersection in the heart of the district when the lights turn red in all directions for automobiles and green for pedestrians. There is a sudden surge of commuters, shoppers and trendy teens who pour forth from the sidewalks on to the roads.

You can choose to watch this phenomenon from any of the restaurants or cafes in the malls or just be a part of the crossing.