London, England

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Uncover some of the details of the world’s greatest detective in his London home.

Rooms at 221b

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is exactly where you’d expect it to be–221b, Baker Street. Inside, you’ll find the rooms made up to look as though Sherlock Holmes and John Watson themselves might have lived there in the 1880s, with much attention paid to detail throughout the museum and lots of interesting tidbits to discover. For Holmes fans, this is a must-see attraction in London.

Easily Accessible

The Sherlock Holmes museum is only a few paces away from the Baker Street tube station, which is connected to several lines and therefore very easy to get to. There are also several tourist shuttle services and hop-on, hop-off tours that go through the area.

If you’re heading down to Baker Street anyway, you’ll find yourself only a short walk from Madame Tussauds, the famous wax museum, where you can take a photo with a waxwork of the famous detective–and several actors who’ve played him over the years–as well!

Photos from Sherlock Holmes Museum