Shedd Aquarium

Families looking for a fun packed morning out in the Windy City should look no further than the Shedd Aquarium. This indoor public aquarium sits aside Lake Michigan and is home to over 32,000 animals and is one of the largest aquariums in the world.


Recreated rainforests, deep-water coral reefs and ocean waterways make up the aquarium. To witness piranhas feeding, tarantulas crawling and stingrays gliding head over to the Amazon Rising Exhibit. To get up close and personal with green sea turtles, hogfish and small sharks visit the Caribbean Reef exhibition. For an insight into the habitats of the Pacific Northwest pay a visit to the Abbot Oceanarium exhibit.


When you’re not marvelling at the deep sea creatures, you can attend one of the aquariums animal chats. On these talks, you can hear the experts talk about the sharks, sea lions and penguins diets and habits. Alternatively, why not visit the Animal Encounters station to dip your hand in the tropical pool and stroke the stingrays!