Shark Reef Aquarium

Get up close and personal with 2,000 creatures of the land and sea at Nevada’s only aquarium accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums!

What to See

Inside the gaming lodge Mandalay Bay is an amazing aquarium, complete with exhibits that make you feel like you are right inside the animals’ habitat. Breathtaking aquariums filled with jellyfish mesmerise onlookers. Some of the large aquariums seem to encapsulate visitors; fish and sharks swim alongside you and even above you! You will see endangered green sea turtles, piranhas, octopuses, sawfish and giant rays. In addition to marine life, the Shark Reef Aquarium experience includes animals that one would see on the earth’s surface like the Komodo dragon and the rare golden crocodile. Guide yourself through the aquarium or schedule a tour with an expert.

Interactive Options

With all general admission to Shark Reef Aquarium comes the chance to touch live stingrays. (For visitors’ safety, the stingray’s barbs have been trimmed.) Marine enthusiasts, however, may be interested in a more in-depth animal encounter. The aquarium offers opportunities for visitors to feed stingrays, sea turtles, or even sharks. (Reservations and fees apply.) For an edgy experience, consider diving with the sharks ($650 for 1 person; $1,000 for 2 people).

Affordable Learning Experience

The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay opens daily at 10 am. The closing time is 8 pm on Sunday through Thursday and 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. General admission for adults is $20. Seniors aged 65 or older are charged $18, and those 4 through 12 are $14. Kids 3 and under are free. Additional fees apply for animal encounters and shark dives.

Top Tip: Since Mandalay Bay is part of MGM Resorts, they offer admission discounts if visitors go to multiple attractions at their resorts. See website for details.