Shabuya Crossing

A must see in Tokyo is the famous Shabuya Crossing - one of the busiest crossings in the World!

A must see in Tokyo is the famous Shabuya crossing – when the lights turn red pedestrians surge into the intersection from all sides, like ants who have had their nest disturbed. They refer to this as the ‘Shibuya Scramble’, you can watch the organized chaos from the 2nd story window of the Starbucks in the Tsutaya building on the crossing’s north side.

Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world​. Many people are heading for Shibuya Station ​which ​is the third busiest station in​ Tokyo​.​ ​Shibuya ​is ​one of the fashion centres of Japan, particularly for young people, and as a major night-life ​entertainment ​area.​ As ​​a “people watching” area Shibuya ranks among the best locations in the world.

Shibuya ​is my favourite place to stay when I visit Tokyo, my hotel the Granbell is only 200 meters from the station and the restaurant choices in the area are mind blowing. It’s very convenient to travel from Narita, either take the Narita Express train or the Limousine bus will drop you off at the five star Cerulean Tower hotel at Shibuya.

​Of course at night the neon light show is incredible, as is the atmosphere in this super vibrant part of Tokyo.​

SHIBUYA​ ​109 is a unique fashion building, offering a wide selection of the hottest brands and trends and is filled with very trendy clothing boutiques. It is very popular among young people, especially teens and it is famous as the origin of the​ ​​Kogal ​subculture​. Kogals​ are known for wearing platform boots, a miniskirt, copious amounts of make up, hair colouring (usually blond), artificial suntans, and designer accessories.

I hope I have convinced you to add Shibuya to your itinerary, ​food, shopping, people watching, its all there.

Here is my Shibuya photo blog featuring a live webcam of the famous crossing.

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Photos from Shabuya Crossing