Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Gallery

Enjoy a multicultural event in one of the most prestigious cultural establishments in Belgrade.

SANU Gallery, in Serbian, owned by such a prestigious Serbian organization is located in the geographical center of the Knez Mihailova Street. It is a popular establishment where you can enjoy the multicultural experience that consists of engaging exhibitions of various artists and mostly concerts of the classical music.

The concerts take place every Monday and Thursday, from October to July, during late afternoon or evening hours. Even if you aren’t a fan of this type of music (as I wasn’t once) you’ll certainly find the performance really enjoyable thanks to the skills of the performers and overall acoustics.

If you still have doubts, maybe the fact that concerts and exhibitions are absolutely free could prove to be an additional motivation. Anyhow, you’ll find that piano, violin and music of other instruments can hardly be disappointing. You can enter any time you arrive, regardless whether the event had started or not. It is totally up to you whether you’ll take a seat and enjoy a concert or examine exhibited works of art while listening.

Photos from Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Gallery