In addition to dining on amazing vegan, vegetarian, and organic food in New Orleans, Seed offers customers the chance to participate in its social missions.

Seeding Change in Food and in the World

Seed is a casual New Orleans restaurant that sits in the city’s Lower Garden district, and it serves up all things vegan, vegetarian, raw, and super healthy. This eatery’s good-for-you fare includes traditional vegetable items like salads and soups, but it also offers a variety of comfort foods like fried and cheesy dishes. Also at seed, diners find that there’s a pretty full dessert menu to indulge in.

Focusing on Sustainability as an All-Around Business Model

Offering diners a contemporary space to enjoy po’ boys and more, Seed is a restaurant that also gives people a chance to participate in a greater social mission. Seed creates meals with organic and purely natural ingredients, so that its growing processes don’t pollute the Earth, and it focuses on sustainability when it comes to its restaurant materials. Menus are recycled, Seed places importance on composting, and the eatery gets some of its energy from solar panels.