Ho Chi Minh City

Secret Garden Restaurant

Hidden on the top floor of a downtown building, this Ho Chi Minh City restaurant serves up higher-end versions of traditional Vietnamese food.

Not Quite Secret, But Definitely Hidden

One of the best things about Vietnam is how many gems it hides within its alleys and attics. Food tastes better if the meal comes at the end of an adventure–and searching for Secret Garden is certainly an adventure. Visitors must duck into a courtyard and climb four flights of stairs in order to find the Ho Chi Minh City rooftop paradise.

An Urban Garden

The restaurant itself is gorgeous: fairy lights dangling in the hanging plants, swathes of dreamy fabric draped across the walls, ceramic plates and bowls tied with red ribbons and stacked beneath a Buddha statue. The outdoor rooftop setting provides decent city views. And even when it rains, there’s enough coverage to comfortably eat. The menu offers a wide range of authentic Vietnamese dishes, and the restaurant serves all meals from breakfast to dinner.

The portion sizes are somewhat smaller, so guests may want to order multiple dishes. And while the restaurant is expensive for Vietnam, it’s still inexpensive compared to Western prices. Secret Garden is perfect for those who want to experience Vietnamese cuisine in a comfortable setting.