Sea Me

If you’re searching for a sushi restaurant in the city that doesn’t have white table clothes and ‘fine dining’ writing all over it, then head to Sea Me. The Asian-inspired restaurant sits in the Chiado region of Lisbon and boasts a lively atmosphere which is a refreshing break from the cities formal dining options.

What to Expect

Inside the restaurant you’ll find long tables set up for dinners and fish tanks lined up against the wall, brimming with fresh crabs and lobsters. The menu features the regular sushi and sashimi dishes, but the fish types are endless, expect to choose from tuna, parrot fish, grouper, cod and turbot (to name a few). A popular dish is the mango scallops with wasabi ice cream for dessert.

Restaurant History

Not only is Sea Me one of the cities most popular restaurants, but it’s also a working fish shop! The restaurant first opened its doors in 2010 and was built to pay tribute to traditional fish shops that have dwindled from the streets of Lisbon over the years. The owners simply added a Japanese twist to create an innovative experience for customers for years to come.

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