London, England

Science Museum

The Science Museum is a place where science textbooks come alive. Old Bess, the steam-engine built by James Watt, Charles Babbage’s Difference Machine, often considered the world’s first computer, Watson and Crick’s DNA model and a lot more are kept on display here in a tribute to mankind’s progress.

Cataloguing scientific progress  

The Museum was founded in 1857 and houses a growing collection of scientific artifacts and technological innovations. It remains the most visited science museum in the world with over 3.3 million annual visitors who come here to enjoy over 300,000 rare and path-breaking exhibits.

Exciting exhibits

The Museum is home to a wide-ranging collection of exhibits that include original prototypes as well as technologically advanced working models. The exhibits span fields ranging from space to medicine and transportation to digital technology. There are several hands-on galleries where children can enjoy and experience science at work like Launch Pad, Pattern Pod, Garden and the flight simulator. Kids will love the space and aviation galleries with their models of rockets, satellites and space probes.

The Science Museum has been a source of inspiration since its inception. It’s likely that your imagination will also take flight just like the millions who visit here every year.


Handy Tip

  • While access to the museum is free, some of the special exhibitions and the IMAX theater require admission fees.

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