Schuhbecks Teatro

One of the most entertaining dinner shows in Germany, Schuhbecks Teatro in Munich offers guests an outstanding four-course gourmet meal while putting on a lively show including acrobatic displays, musicals and comedic acts.

Classy Ambience

The venue is located in a breathtaking Spiegelzelt (“Mirror Tent”). It oozes luxury with its velvet curtains, Swarovski crystal chandelier, wooden floors and elegant lounge. The sparkle of countless lights add to the cozy ambience.

Top-Class Dishes

It is of no surprise that the food here is exquisite, especially as it is made by Alfons Schubeck, one of Germany’s top chefs. His four-course European menu includes some of his signature dishes. These include cod cooked in spinach, red wine butter and champagne, as well as sweet delights such as blood orange mousse. For those who are vegetarian, they also have a separate menu.

Impressive Entertainment

The most enchanting part of the evening is definitely watching skilled artists bring to life imaginative themes. The “Fantasia” show is worth mentioning, as it blends reality and fantasy together. It urges guests to travel to the limits of their imagination. While witty, it is also deeply moving, and captures our deepest desires in a creative way.