Schonbrunn Palace

Constructed in 1696 originally as a hunting lodge Schonbrunn Palace is a cultural world heritage site and Vienna’s prize possession. The palace quickly became the summer home for imperial royals and today stands open to the public for guided tours around the gardens and interiors.


1441 rooms make up this 17th-century baroque palace, and the gardens span back over 300 years. Originally designed by architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach each room décor displays and imperial lifestyle and on the ground floor, the Bergl Room, Palace Chapel and White and Gold room are each decorated as delicately as the last.


The palace runs two tours daily, the first being the Imperial Tour which takes you on a journey through the eras of the imperial monarchy as you’re shown the palaces residents over the years. The second tour, The Grand Tour, explores the buildings staterooms and the private apartments dotted around the palace. Whichever tour you choose you’re bound to be impressed by the grand baroque architecture.