Santiago Metropolitan Park

The Santiago Metropolitan Park ranks among the world’s largest urban parks with 722 hectares of lush greenery, thick forests, beautiful gardens, swimming pools, monuments and more within the heart of the city.

City’s Green Lung

The Santiago Metropolitan Park was carved out in 1966 to create an urban park where residents could find respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Park included the iconic San Cristobal Hill and its surrounding environs, thus the largest urban park in Latin America was born. The Park boasts several recreational grounds and equipment for families to enjoy as well as plenty of hiking and biking trails that meander across the massive park.

Attractions and Activities

The Park offers many attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. The charming funicular train, a National Monument, has ferried passengers since 1925. Even today, it continues to transport delighted visitors from the National Zoo at the base of the park to the Sanctuary at summit of the San Cristobal Hill.

The Park is also home to the Jardin Botanical Garden, two public swimming pools, a colourful Children’s Park and more.

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