Santa Rita Vineyard

Santa Rita Vineyard is home to some of the finest Chilean wines with worldwide renown. Their massive vineyards offer fantastic tasting and cultural tours.

Renowned Across the World

Santa Rita Vineyard has been engaged in the business of winemaking for over a decade now when Domingo Fernandez Concha founded the winery in 1880.

Today, their wines continue to win major awards in Chile and garner rave reviews across the globe.  The products of Santa Rita Vineyard are marketed in 75 countries. Their commitment to the premium wine market has set them apart from other Chilean wineries. Some of the famous brands are Pehuén, Casa Real, Bougainville, Triple C, Floresta, Medalla Real, Reserva, Secret Reserve and 120.

Prima Donna of Chilean Wines

The area of the Santa Rita Vineyard covers over 3,000 hectares of Chile fertile valleys including Casablanca, Leyda, Maipo, Limari, Curico and Rapel. These different areas make for exquisite differences in their wines too.

The vineyards offer a range of tours to suit various budgets and sense of adventure. Visitors can opt for Classic Tours, Premium Tours or even arrange for an exclusive Private Tour. Other tours include a Carmenere Tour and an unusual Pedal Bar Tour that gives one a peek into Chilean culture with plenty of outdoor entertainment.

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of a tour, you can just chill out at the Casa Real Hotel or order a relaxed meal at Dona Paula Restaurant or Café La Panaderia. If you visit their Alto Jahuel Winery, then a visit to the in-house Andean Museum and its pre-Colombian artefacts is highly recommended.


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