Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach

Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach are two of Los Angeles most prominent attractions and provide a great way to escape the hubbub of the city centre and soak up some California sunshine with your toe’s in the sand. These cool ocean-side hangouts are lined with quirky shops, bustling bars and fast food joints to boot.

What to Do

The beach is all about rest and relaxation but if the idea of sunbathing on the sands all afternoon leaves you a little irritable, then there’s plenty of exciting activities to enjoy. Why not take a surf lesson and become a California wave rider or hire a bike, or roller blades, and zoom down the promenade from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier in under twenty minutes. The pedestrianised promenade makes way for bikes too, and the ride is worth it as the pier is home to an abundance of candy stalls, shops and roller coaster rides.

How to Get Here

For those with a vehicle, parking is relatively easy here as it’s available beachside, just off highway one. For those coming from the centre of Los Angeles catch a bus into Santa Monica and walk down to the waterfront in less than ten minutes.


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