Santa Lucia Hill

Santa Lucia Hill is a refreshing spot of green right in the heart of the city of Santiago.

Cerro Santa Lucia

The summit of Cerro Santa Lucia, as it is known locally, is at 623 metres above sea level and affords remarkable views of the city around it.

The hill also boasts a park that covers most of the hill and is highlighted by its charming plazas, beautiful facades, gurgling fountains and scenic stairways that lead from one site to another and all the way to the top.

Castillo Hidalgo

The little hillock, though over-shadowed by the high-rises surrounding it, is a popular destination for visitors. The peak of the Santa Lucia hill boasts the Castillo Hidalgo, a fort built in 1826, served as a lookout for the colonial forces. It continues to command splendid views of the city and serves as the venue for private meetings and events.

By the way, be prepared for the boom of the traditional cannon shot that happens every day at noon.

Photos from Santa Lucia Hill

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