Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe

Enjoy one of Italy's richest blends of coffee.

Founded in 1938, Sant’ Eustachio Café brews some of the best coffee in Italy. Coffee is one of Italy’s cultural treasures and many cafés throughout the country treat it as an artisanal craft. Sant’ Eustachio crafts exemplary Italian coffee and roasts its arabica beans over wood in-shop, contributing to the coffee’s fresh aroma and unique flavor.

Coffee: A Cultural Touchstone

Visiting Sant’Eustachio feels like a uniquely Italian experience. The café is centrally located—just around the corner from the Pantheon on the way to Piazza Navona — and the streets leading to the café are especially narrow and can get busy with foot traffic. As a result, even walking to the café feels like an immersion into everyday Italian life. While every café in Italy participates in its country’s coffee tradition, Sant’ Eustachio celebrates it.

The Blend

The Sant’ Eustachio blend is sweet and rich, but never overbearing. Bags of the their blend are for sale in the store, but enjoying a fresh cup prepared by the café’s trained baristas is the best way to drink it.