San Pedro Square

The remarkable San Pedro Square rolls all of San Jose’s best features into one fascinating place. Here, you can get a taste of history, savor great food and enjoy the city’s refreshing hospitality.

Friendly and inviting 

The San Pedro Square falls into one of San Jose’s oldest district and the venue has been a meeting place of choice for a few centuries. The Square boasts San Jose’s oldest settlement built in 1797, the Peralta Adobe. The Square also features a theater and a versatile range of restaurants and bars.

San Pedro Square Market

The San Pedro Square Market is, in essence, a glorified food court but with a mind-boggling array of food options. From fine dining to chummy tapas bars, you’ll find them all here.  Every Friday, the place also hosts a Farmers’ Market* which usually proves to be a treasure trove for souvenir hunters.

San Pedro Square is one of those warm, friendly destinations in San Jose that you don’t need to plan into your itinerary. You can drop by anytime you want to kick back your shoes, indulge in some good food and imbibe the city’s friendliness.


*The Farmers’ Market is open only from May to November.

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