San Jose Volcano

The intriguing San Jose volcano along the Argentine border is one of Santiago’s prime natural attractions.

Complex of Volcanoes

San Jose is a complex of volcanoes nestled within the mighty Andes Mountains and comprises four peaks that are perennially under a blanket of snow and ice.

  • Main Summit, the most popular among mountaineers stands at 5856 metres above sea level
  • Plantar I also known as North Summit – 5500 m
  • Plantar II – 5740 m
  • La Engorda – 5692 m

The volcano is usually accessed via the Cajon del Maipo which is an hour’s ride from Santiago city.

Adventure and Nature

Surrounded by pristine stretches of glaciated mountains, rocky outcrops and snowy slopes, San Jose volcano offers a range of exciting activities for diehard nature lovers and adventurers. Skiing, hiking, mountaineering and camping are some of options available for visitors.

That being said, it must be stressed that San Jose is not for the faint-hearted or the average tourist. People who make it to any of the summits, are well equipped with appropriate mountaineering gear and usually train for several days before venturing up the slopes.

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