San Francisco, USA

San Francisco Botanical Garden

On 55 acres within Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Botanical Garden offers nature lovers a world of discovery. The unique climate of the San Francisco area creates micro-climates that allow visitors to learn about plants from around the world.

The outdoor San Francisco Botanical Garden consists of an extraordinary range of gardens. Guided tours are available throughout the day.

The Gardens

Learn about the Magnolia Collection–the world’s fourth most significant–and enjoy them when they bloom in winter especially. With the unique local climate conditions, the Botanical Garden is able to participate in conservation efforts for endangered plants from two different rainforests–the Andes and MesoAmerica–and is working on preserving South Asian rainforest specimens. The redwoods are represented, of course, as well as high altitude palm species.

The Special Collection

Succulents, perennials, camellias, and conifers–all have a turn at the show. Free guided tours are available to deepen understanding of the plants and what makes them special.