London, England

San Carlo Cicchetti

San Carlo Cicchetti is renowned as an authentic Italian restaurant, thanks to an all-Italian management team and chefs who bring the true flavours of Italy to the food.

Small and Packed with Flavor

Cicchetti serves you flavourful meals all day long. From a sumptuous breakfast to a classic Afternoon Tea, you can enjoy hearty meals any time you walk in. The restaurant elevates the traditional Venetian cicchetti, the dainty small plate dishes that can be shared or enjoyed by oneself alongside a glass of wine or beer. Even though the serving is small, the attention to detail is extremely impressive.

Different Menu with Immaculate Atmosphere

San Carlo Cicchetti’s pride is their menu which undergoes a regular change to showcase the best seasonal ingredients and freshest produce from the markets of Milan. This is to embrace and commemorate each season. The atmosphere is set to sophistication but with relaxing interiors in Italian marble set off by light colours that serve to create a chic yet friendly ambience.