An authentic Indonesian restaurant near Amsterdam's famous Bloemenmarkt.

Indonesian Cuisine Comes to Europe

Indonesian food is wildly popular in Amsterdam. Once part of its vast colonial empire, Pacific Islanders have been migrating to the Netherlands for ages, and Sampurna has been serving authentic Indonesian cuisine for over 25 years. The restaurant promises large or small groups an excellent Southeast Asian meal.

An Authentic Experience

Sampurna offers a wide selection of food, including several lunch specials for low prices. One of the most sought-after dishes is the rijsttafel–a type of pupu platter with many different foods served with rice. Two people can easily split the rijsttafel, and it’s a great way to get the full experience of Indonesian cuisine.

With its dark lighting and rich decor, Sampurna has a relaxing ambiance. The restaurant features statues and other traditional artwork. What’s more, Sampurna is located right next to Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarkt flower market–when tourists are tired of tulips, they can stop into Sampurna for a taste of Indonesia.