London, England


Enjoy authentic South Indian cuisine at Sagar, a London Restaurant with beautiful menu items and a welcoming atmosphere.

Indian Fare from the Western Ghats

Sagar’s chefs hail from Udupi, a small town that lies in the coastal area of the Western Ghats. This region is roughly 60km from Bangalore, in lovely Karnataka, and there is a famous temple there that houses an idol of Lord Krishna. The temple is adorned in jewels and it’s truly stunning. Chefs who come from this area bring the beauty of the region to their food. Sagar is grateful to have a chef that’s versed in traditional South Indian vegetarian food.

Innovative Fare in a Memorable Setting

Sagar is a ground-breaking restaurant that presents South Indian dishes in a fresh and innovative way. Diners enjoying a meal at Sagar experience many ingredients and presentations that they’ve never seen before, and they can dine on traditional Indian dishes that receive new life from Sagar’s chefs. Sagar tries to make each of its guests feel special while eating by offering service that’s gracious and memorable. For a meal at Sagar, consider favorites like the Fried Idli (rice dumplings with coconut chutney) and the Pani Puri (poori served with chickpeas and consommé).

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