Safari World

Opened in 1988, Safari World is eight kilometers long zoo that is divided into two parts. The Safari Park is reserved for visitors who wish to take a bus tour through the zoo, while the Marine Park features performances by dolphins and other animals.

Animal Species at Safari World

The first part of the Zoo is home to a number of species including antelopes, zebras, camels, rhinos, and many large birds such as cranes, ostriches, and pelicans. The great thing about Safari World is that you can drive in your car and admire the animals; however, there are certain rules that need to be followed. First of all, you need to drive slowly and don’t make loud noises with the vehicle. The second rule is not to disturb the animals.


Make sure to check the timetable for shows before entering the Safari World. There are usually around 7 shows daily, with the elephant show and the dolphin show being the most popular events in the zoo. There are also shows that feature sea lions and a boxing orang-utans Thai event.