Royal Yacht Britannia

Live like the Queen for a day on the Royal Yacht Britannia!

The Royal Yacht Britannia has been a magnificent floating residence to the Royal family and their guests for decades. In its lifetime the Royal Yacht Britannia sailed over 1,000,000 miles around the world, now she has retired and has become a major tourist attraction for visitors to Edinburgh. You can visit this breath-taking vessel and discover what it was like to be a part of its wonderful heritage. During the 44 years in which she was commissioned, the Royal Yacht was a majestic ambassador and symbol of the Commonwealth. The hallowed decks of the royal yacht have been honoured to receive such guests as Sir Winston Churchill, Rajiv Ghandi and Nelson Mandela – you too can follow in their footsteps as you tour the five main decks.

Starting at the bridge you have the opportunity to explore the state apartments, crews’ quarters and the gleaming engine room. There’s an audio handset available to you to guide you on your journey throughout the yacht so you don’t get lost! The tour is available in 27 languages so if you are visiting from overseas you don’t have to miss out.

Discover what life was like below deck, and take a look at the 11ft Lego model of Britannia on-board. Finish your day off living like a King or Queen by waving at your subjects on the dockside and indulging in afternoon tea and cake in the Royal Deck Tea Room.


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