Royal Palm Reserve

Being the biggest conservative area which has a high rank as a tourist attraction, Royal Palm Reserve is protected by the Negril Environmental Protection Trust (NEPT). It is a place reserved for animals to live freely so that you can see nature at its best without human interference.

Royal Palm Reserve is found in the Parish of Westmoreland. It is a quiet forest within the Negril Green Morass area. There are over 113 different plant species to be seen and explored. Animals are there in abundance – over 300 different species in total. It would be nice to pack a camera for a trip like this to capture the beauty of nature.

There is also a museum in the area where tour guides usually tell patrons about the native plants and animals found in Jamaica. The entry cost is US $15 for adults and US $7 for children. It is a safe place to bring your children to experience nature and the amazing creatures that live there. It is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

At Royal Palm Reserve, there are many fun activities you can do. These include: horse riding, bird watching and fishing. It is a very important aspect of Jamaica’s culture. Come and partake of the wonderful experience awaiting you at Royal Palm Reserve.

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