Toronto, Canada

Royal Ontario Museum

With over six million items across more than 40 galleries, the Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest museum dedicated to the art, archaeology, and natural history.

The entrance of the Royal Ontario Museum, known as “The Crystal,” is an attraction itself, a modern architectural addition to the original building that evokes the spirit of the minerals and crystals on display inside and houses six permanent collection galleries.

History of the Ages

The museum seeks to incorporate all aspects of history and culture to demonstrate the diversity of the world and its peoples. From dinosaur displays to global textiles, and natural elements like minerals and crystals, exhibits are bound to offer something to everyone.

Culture focuses include Canada’s First Peoples, South and Central America, and the Asian-Pacific ways of life and their contributions to the arts and history. Art displays feature everything from photography, to experiments in light and sound, painting, and sculpture from around the world. Natural history and evolution can be explored in the Age of Dinosaurs and Age of Mammals permanent exhibits.

Interactive and Fun

A Biodiversity gallery offers a touchable exhibit for visitors to experience the animal world up close and personal while learning about the interconnection among plants and animals. The Discovery Gallery is geared toward children with costumes, digging for dinosaur bones, and exploring fossils and meteorites.

The Bat Cave, an immersive exhibit that features 20 bat specimens and more than 800 models, is a replica of the St. Clair Cave in Jamaica.