Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Discover how plant species can benefit science.

Founded in the 17th century, the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh began as a physic garden which grew medicinal plants. Today it hosts a myriad collection and is a well-respected centre of plant science and education, it has one of the finest collections of plant species in the world.

Firstly the Royal Botanic Garden is an institute of science which concentrates on plants and their relationships, conservation, biology and evolution. It has a large specialist library and state of the art laboratories in which to conduct the research.

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh these days has expanded to four sites across Scotland each famed for different species and research.

There are various cultural events, educational courses, family days and exhibitions within the RBGE, held throughout the year from botanical art to the unusual plant species of Chile. If you enjoy photography and getting close to plant life you will love it here.

Perfect for spring and summer exploration the gardens are open daily and house some of the most exciting plants and flowers in the world. If you are interested in horticulture or just want somewhere pleasant to relax and spend a day of peace and tranquillity without having to drive, then the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh will not disappoint.

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