Rose Hall Great House

Are you interested in Ghost stories? If yes,your next stop should be the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Rose Hall Great House Frontal View

Home to the legend of the white witch, Rose Hall Great House have managed to win the hearts and curiosity of many tourists due to the stories surrounding the place. Having 1700’s house architecture, It is a place to really creep you out. The story dates back to the 1800’s when a woman called Rose Palmer or Olive Palmer went on a killing spree.

She killed her 3 husbands along with some slaves for no apparent reason. It is rumored to be sightings of Annie Palmer on the Great House Property and especially at nights. However, the tour is made a little more fun by the re-enactment of workers. There are numerous tourists who have witnessed these sightings in photographs taken by them.

Sounds fun? Take the chance to see the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It will be an unforgettable experience. The cost is $15 for children and $20 for adults. There is also a gift shop on the property. Enjoy the experience of Annie Palmer, make your reservation today.